When I created the page to showcase all the pizza I’ve baked I had to load over 40 images. Importing them manually and displaying in an <Image> component quickly became tedious. There had to be a quicker way. And there was; the Astro.glob() function!

The code below shows how to load all files inside a directory (make sure it only contains images, or edit the glob string pattern to your needs) and loop over them to render each inside a <Image> component.

Tailwind classes are used to show the images in a Pinterest-like fashion.


import { Image } from 'astro:assets';

const imageFiles = await Astro.glob('./images/*');

<div class="columns-1 sm:columns-2 md:columns-3 lg:columns-4 gap-3 mb-5 mx-auto w-full px-4">
    imageFiles.map((img) => (
        alt="Photo of a pizza"
        class="mb-3 w-full rounded"

It is as easy as that! Give me a reaction to the right if this was helpful!